A Word from Prophetess Ronda Phillips

NOW Is the Time 

"My People perish for a lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6

Greetings and Welcome,

Do you know what's in store for this year? This year will be a season of acceleration and favor. Things will happen quickly, almost instantaneously for those that are ready and are obedient to operating in the will of God. However, for those that do not catch on to how fast God is moving in the midst, this year will be a time that some will turn away from set order and there will be a rebellion against leadership and authority. A shifting, a transition will take place in the atmosphere that will bring about much anger and hatred among God’s children, particularly those that have become lukewarm to adhering to the Word of God and are still searching for right answers, for truth.

God will raise up His prophets to speak forth His Word like never before, to warn His people and to help them understand that they must be more sure about their faith more than ever, and that they must be prepared not to back down; for their faith shall surely be tested. Decisions will be made by leading authority rulers that shall bring about great disappoint and despair among God’s people. The saints will need to let their righteousness and holiness be a living witness among the lost, to win their souls to Christ in order for them to move forward; for there will be no turning back.

In the book of Genesis, Joseph had a dream and he warned the ruler of Egypt about the upcoming famine in the land. As a result, preparation took place so the people would not have to suffer in lack. However, when the famine came, neighboring lands were not so fortunate. As a matter of fact, Joseph's own relatives came to Egypt to seek assistance and relief; unaware that they were bowed down in the presence of their own brother who they had thrown into a pit and sold off into slavery many years prior, and by this time he was now second in command as a leader over Egypt. 

NOW is the time for you to plan ahead for that which is soon to come. Do not get caught up in the "famine." Do not remain content with where you are or with what you have by choosing to settle for less than what God has available for you to receive by dwelling upon shortage, lack, or limitation. Do not allow yourself to be caught off guard by changes that shall come. You must not be surprised by whatever may be revealed or exposed. You must already be in position to stand up to and face any measure of "famine" that may attempt to come your way; whether it be in your finances, career, health, relationships, or a battle within your own mind.  You must not compromise the Word of God under any circumstances, being reminded that God shall supply all of your needs accordingly. In the midst of chaos, He will give you peace that passes all understanding.

As a believer in Jesus Christ you ALREADY have the victory, so don't lose sight of it. Prepare yourself to be one that others will always take note of, especially those that may be seeking Salvation; that you may be graced to lead them to Christ because of your consistent walk with God, and by how you represent in the Kingdom. Take inspired action to perform your daily priorities with all due diligence. Regardless of any circumstances you may face, continue to persist with discipline in reaching your goals until the very end...never stop...never give up, no matter what. 

Are you ready? Get ready. Be ready. Stay ready.

NOW is the time.

Let's Make It Happen! 

Blessings In Jesus' Name,

Prophetess Ronda Phillips 

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